A downloadable game for Windows

Woo! It's done! I'll edit this description later on when I've had some rest.

The main goal is to score as many "loops" can you can. A "loop" is scored by getting to the end of the room. After each successful loop, the room gets a bit harder :)

Also 'ere is the controls: (You can edit them in the options menu to some new alternatives)

Arrows = Move
A = Jump
S = Shoot
D = Special Shoot
Enter = Pause
(Some characters can dash by pressing down and jump!)

Now for sleep! *zzzzzz*

Install instructions

Download and unzip!


Cancelled Refuge v.1.2c.zip (19 MB)


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Loved it! Very cool game style and feel, audio is in great arrangement with the game feel.


I looped through the levels too. Really solid for such a quick build. I'm liking the graphics, the movement is good. I have to try it with the controller too.

Voted on Greenlight. :)