A downloadable game for Windows

Woo! It's done! I'll edit this description later on when I've had some rest.

The main goal is to score as many "loops" can you can. A "loop" is scored by getting to the end of the room. After each successful loop, the room gets a bit harder :)

Also 'ere is the controls: (You can edit them in the options menu to some new alternatives)

Arrows = Move
A = Jump
S = Shoot
D = Special Shoot
Enter = Pause
(Some characters can dash by pressing down and jump!)

Now for sleep! *zzzzzz*


Cancelled Refuge v.1.2c.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip!


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Love the game! I would love to play with my USB gamepad though

How do we exit this game??


Loved it! Very cool game style and feel, audio is in great arrangement with the game feel.


I looped through the levels too. Really solid for such a quick build. I'm liking the graphics, the movement is good. I have to try it with the controller too.

Voted on Greenlight. :)