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There are two versions of the game. 

Version 1.1 has a bug fix where you can get out of bounds. It also has a volume edit by using the -/+ buttons and a notification that if you buy something, it reminds you to equip it via the pause menu.

Original  one is included without all this just in  case you want to play the game strictly as it was done in the 72 hours.

CONTROLS: (Can be edited in game.) Arrows = Move A = Jump S = Shoot D = Dash (when you have an item equipped that allows to dash.) ENTER = Pause menu, where you can equip items and check the map.

Six gems to find. Once you collect a gem, the area becomes unstable and you need to find one of the exit portals quick! (You can also use the exit portal at any time to leave the area.)

Use the credits to buy stuff in the shop.

Items you equip will alter the temperate your mech produces, too much heat and your lil’ robot becomes unstable and will explode after a while! Other things causes heat damage so be careful! You can always de-equip items to lower robot’s temp if needed.

Will post something better when I got some sleep. (Need nap now.) -Joel!

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TagsLudum Dare 49, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Retro
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BurningRavager v1.1.zip 18 MB


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this game deserves a sequel or it should be refined and expanded. this has every bit as much potential as super metroid. is the source code available for ppl to hack this awesome piece of art. the rest of your games are pretty freakin cool too. 

love your work. can you let us use a game pad for this game. i suck at keyboard controls. i tried to play the game thru steam hoping it would let me use gamepad but no dice. thanks. keep up the great work!! got any thing else your working on?youve got crazy potential. 

man you're a real artist just wish it had joystick support and you could even launch a full game with story and stuff

so fun, especially getting upgrades and feeling unstoppable. Love it

This is all sorts of lovely, and the tile/sprite work is top notch stuff. Congrats!

The game is nice but the next screen is when the camera moves very cumbersome. It would be much better if you figure it out. Good luck...

It's a great game! I particularly like the level design that allows me to proceed with the level step by step or use shortcuts. However, I hope the player's character moves a little slower. It's a bit difficult to jump at the right moment.

Upgrades dont work

They do. Equip them via pause menu. 

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Looks fun, will there be a mac version?

Sadly not. :( I'm sorry about that >.<


After looking at the screenshots, I had the feeling this was going to be something special and prepared a Windows VM specifically to give it a go. Well, I was not disappointed.

Best game I played this year so far, better than the AAA titles and high-profile releases from famous indies I tried. And I tried many this year, believe me.

You, sir, are a genius. =)

Aww thanks for the extremely kind comments! Never know I might continue on with this game if it's well received, with more planets, mechs, items, weapons etc. Really glad ye enjoyed it! ^-^


It sure deserves to be expanded and refined, I think it has loads of potential. A bigger version would definitely make for a more than worthy commercial game.


I'm kind of over NES era games, once I die and have to start over I usually turn the game off lol. But the fact that in this game I keep my money and buy upgrades just makes it so much more enjoyable! Really nice take on this type of game. Also really impressive for the time it took.


Yeah, I found for game jams at least is to make it much more easier and friendly for users. The jam itself is relaxed, so the games should be as well haha. (I learned this a while back.) I'm glad ye enjoyed the game! :) 

I got stuck when going out from a secret room :(. I don't have screenshot yet but it's placed below and left of T branch in which going left requires double jump.

But other than that, this game is amazing! I included it in my metroidvania collections cause it fit as one :).

Ah yeah, I've found a few of those dotted around that I need to fix up, but I've fixed the worst offenders in the 1.1 patch. Hope other than that you've enjoyed the game! :)

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I got softlocked in exactly the same spot, I think. (on version 1.1) It’s just after falling into the lava area way over on the right; head left and there’s an exit right there; jump up to the top part of the screen and go back right and I got softlocked. really fun game! I got 5/6 gems

edit: oh one more thing: I use the itch desktop app, but it wouldn’t install this game; I think you need to check the windows icon next to your .exe file in order to make that work

Heck yeah! I look forward to diving into this when I have some free time this weekend! Thank you SS!

Not a problem! I hope ye enjoy! ^-^

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This game is simply amazing! Watched the video and I can't wait to get home and play!

Aww thanks, I hope the game doesn't disappoint!